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Whatever students had studied before joining Vatel, they will be faced with the realities of this profession as well as operational management in the Hospitality and Tourism industries. Students end their School year with an internship in Europe or in a foreign country.

Whichever sector the student previously studied, the student encounters field training and operational management in hospitality and tourism. They conclude the year with an internship carried out in France.

People holding a graduate (Bachelor or Licence Degree) from another university can therefore follow our Master's Programs in our schools worldwide after this foundation year.


  • Learning the vocabulary and basic concepts.
  • Establishing the relation between different subjects.
  • Moving from an accounting decision to a managerial one.


  • Learning the marketing of services, direct marketing and Yield Management.

Human Resources

  • Getting introduced to, and understanding the importance of the methods of Human Resource management in the hospitality industry.

Tourism Economics

  • Highlighting the relation between the hospitality and tourism sector and the possibility of incorporating them in major groups, officiating more in both areas.

English I

  • Moving from school level English, to a professional standard.


  • Discovering the hospitality industry.
  • Acquiring communication skills from the base and the professional vocabulary.

Nutrition & Wines

  • Establishing the alimentary security standards in the hospitality business and conducting sensory analyses.

Professional Culture

  • Understanding the past to anticipate for future needs.
  • Arousing curiosity and learning to use the trade press and general media.

Look & Behaviour

  • Acquiring the appropriate image, being aware of one?s self, having self confidence to enhance this image.
  • Asserting one?s self, while respecting the other.


  • Learning the basics of negotiation and preparing one?s self to negotiating agreements at different levels in the enterprise.

Intercultural Management

  • Opening up to diverse cultures and understanding them.
  • Understanding the different forms of management in the world.
  • Learning how to manage multicultural teams.

F&B /Hotel Environment

  • Gaining general knowledge about the hospitality industry.

Information Technology I

  • An introduction to the use of the internet and the search for information in a business.
  • Discover the Office tools applied in hotel management.

Professional Application

  • Mastering the techniques of hotel and restaurant management, and the culinary arts.
  • 5 to 6 months internship.


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