Programs for Professionals

Hospitality Counselling

For CEOs , their assistants and managers , Vatel’s expertise represent a unique opportunity to expand professional knowledge and optimize the management of their businesses.

Counselling ‘s services are specially designed for ambitious professionals of hospitality industry worldwide.

Our mission is to improve, their knowledge and skills, make them share the experience of national and international specialists and develop their personal leadership qualities.

We provide counselling services in :                 

• Hotel openings                                                                        
• Customer Care                                                                       
• Food and Beverage Operations                                   
• Front Office Operations                                                     
• Sales and Marketing                                                                       
• Human Ressources                                                                       
• Wedding event organisation                                                      
• Revenue Management                                                      
• Spa Management                                                                        
• Leadership for Managers                                                      
• Personal Development for Managers                                    
• Coaching for managers


For detailed informations concerning our programs, please contact us: